Congratulations on the purchase of your Little Inferno Companion Manual (*instructions not included)! Following on from the runaway success of The Elevator That Only Moves Up and the glowing reviews of The Room As Bright As The Sun, the Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace is the latest hit product from the unscrupulous developers at Tomorrow Corporation.

In this section you will find details on how to thoroughly void the warranty of your brand new toy! Remember, the future is... tomorrow!

Catalog 1 - Chimney Stuffer
Catalog 1
Catalog 2 - Totally Recalled Toys
Catalog 2
Catalog 3 - 1st Person Shopper
Catalog 3
Catalog 4 - Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living
Catalog 4
Catalog 5 - Shop & Awe
Catalog 5
Catalog 6 - Snooty Foodie
Catalog 6
Catalog 7 - Existence, Now
Catalog 7

But wait! There are also pages and pages of notes scribbled on the backs of the catalogs, which you can find below: