Human Resource Machine coming October 15th!

Hot on the heels of the time-saving Book That Reads Itself, from the inventors of The Electric Bathtime Friend (Recalled) and the team that brought you the award-winning(*) Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace and the Award-Giving Robot of Infinite Awards, comes the latest in a line of fascinatingly improbably Products from the dronesvalued employees at Tomorrow Corporation.

Yes, it's the Human Resource Machine, where you too can simulate the incredible workday of Tomorrow Corporation employees.

Help Wanted: Combo Hints

In the rush to get the site presentable for launch day, we didn't have time to write hints for all the combos. The final solutions are all there, but the idea is that you should see a sequence of gradually more informative hints before you get hit in the face with the answer, to help preserve some of the challenge.

Tomorrow Corporation Launches Entertainment Product

Well, launch day is here and the Tomorrow Corporation have unleashed the Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace on an unsuspecting market. After two and a bit years of development by Allan Blomquist, Kyle Gabler and Kyle Gray, this fine and vital toy is here to keep you warm during the long winter ahead. Just burn all your toys and watch them go up the chimney, like everything else.

Welcome to InfernoFans

Welcome to Inferno Fans - the place to find out everything there is to know about your brand new Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace, and meet fellow owners huddled around the warmth of the latest in entertainment life-support technology!

Brought to you by some of the same people behind GooFans, our goal here is similar: to provide both comprehensive information about the game, and a place for us fans to come together to talk about it, to challenge each other, and maybe even hack on it.

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