Easter Eggs

Triple Buy

The first time you buy an item, the border turns silver. The second time, it turns dark grey. The third time it turns gold.

If you get gold borders on every item on a catalog, that catalog gets a star.

If you get a star on every catalog - i.e. you have bought every single item three times - something happens.


If you shake your stuff crazily, you will get something terrible, like this!

Wow, that's a mess. Fortunately you have a sun to clear it all.

The sunglasses can be put on the face in the back of your Little Inferno.

Also the magnet makes the gears around the face spin faster if it is near them.

And finally, though I'm sure many have tried this, make a line with the tetronimos and it will disappear.

Shouldn't they be "tetrominos"? I don't know how the game spells it, but I thought it was M-I-N.

That's ludicrous. The word "tetromino", and in general "polyominoes", have been around for decades. They're standard mathematical terms. In fact, my dad did a master's thesis on polyominoes in the 60s. If it's not spelled "tetromino", it's misspelled.

if you buy fireflies and shake it, the mouse will open