Human Resource Machine coming October 15th!

Hot on the heels of the time-saving Book That Reads Itself, from the inventors of The Electric Bathtime Friend (Recalled) and the team that brought you the award-winning(*) Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace and the Award-Giving Robot of Infinite Awards, comes the latest in a line of fascinatingly improbably Products from the dronesvalued employees at Tomorrow Corporation.

Yes, it's the Human Resource Machine, where you too can simulate the incredible workday of Tomorrow Corporation employees.

Shiver in anticipation of your next assignment arriving in your inbox.
Marvel at the complexity of your laughable attempts to get home early!
Celebrate the successful placement of your masterpiece in the outbox and rejoice as it is sent to the incinerator Employee Appreciation Department.

This puzzle game lets you program a little office worker as if he were a simple computer, sorting from the inbox to the outbox to solve different puzzles. A piece of entertainment or an introduction to programming? Well, from the simplest of loops to the hardest of levels, even yours truly found challenge in this Turing-complete monstrosity. Enjoy - you are being evaluated!

Available October 15th on PC, shortly thereafter on Wii. Visit Tomorrow Corporation for more info and some NEOVs (New Employee Orientation Videos)..


(*) Some awards may be self-awarding.