Game Crashes after last Special Burn

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Game Crashes after last Special Burn


I made it to the end part of the game where you burn the four special items, and clicked the counters so that they fell and burned. The face in the middle of the fireplace began to open his eyes until they were white, and then....

...The screen went black and a notice popped up saying "an unhandled exception occurred" with a button saying 'ok' below it. I clicked 'ok'. The whole game closed.

So in other words, I can't beat the game without it crashing. I had VSync set to 1, and my computer's RAM is 4 GB.

Any advice/similar experiences?


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I can confirm that I saw the exact same thing when I reached the end. On reloading the game, and redoing the final burn, it worked fine though.

I thought this would just be a quirk of my slow and unusual system - I don't have anything with Windows so I've had to play the game in a virtual machine. It was giving the same "unhandled exception" errors at the beginning of the game until I gave the VM more memory to play with. But that doesn't sound like it's the issue here...