"My Pictures" is crashing my game.

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"My Pictures" is crashing my game.

I am experiencing problems when I try to buy "My Pictures". I click on it, then it takes me to my picture library, I click on a picture and it takes me to my home screen. Does anyone have a solution? By the way, I have a Kindle Fire HD.

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It appears to be a bug in mobile versions that occasionally happens. You can try to contact Tomorrow Corporation at their website and see if they have a solution. Meanwhile, if you need to progress through the game, try to use one of built-in pictures.

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come on Tomorrow Corporation fix this!
this bug completely prevents people from advancing, leaving us stuck at the first catalog.
more information you might find useful:
My device is LG G3 running lollipop 5.0
running stock rom from LG
app force closes right after selecting an image from the gallery sometimes it doesn't force close and cause the whole phone to freeze not responding to any touch besides locking/unlocking the screen (had to restart the entire phone twice)
sometimes it does display an ANR prompt (app not responding) offering to close it
did you even properly test your game on android?