[SOLVED] Can't start game - ...LinuxRender.cpp:1504 - Linux CrunchBang 11

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[SOLVED] Can't start game - ...LinuxRender.cpp:1504 - Linux CrunchBang 11

I have got Linux CrunchBang 11 installed on my HDD. Instaled via Nixstal (or something like that) only by clicking Next. After install, no executable easily reached via terminal but this don't worry. I tried to run it manualy in /usr/local/games/littleinferno/ but here is some error.
Output of terminal:
sterver@portable:/$ /usr/local/games/littleinferno/LittleInferno.bin.x86
/builddir/LittleInferno/code/runtime/linux/LinuxRender.cpp : 1504
trace/breakpoint trap

What can I do to fix it please?

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Heh, solved. I found desktop file in usr/share/applications and now it is working.