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Android bugs

On my Motorola Xoom (WiFi, Android 4.1.2), the game won't even get to the title screen. I get a black screen with a couple rows of random, multicolored pixels at the bottom, and a few seconds later the bottom half of the screen gets filled with a black/grey striped pattern, then it just sits there indefinitely. Sometimes I can press the home button to escape this screen, but sometimes doing so freezes my Xoom, forcing me to soft reset.

On my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Verizon, Android 4.2.2), the game will load eventually, but the framerate is quite low, and the timing of the opening notes, bell peal, etc. seems slower than what I remember from the PC version. Once in the game, it more or less works, but is quite laggy and unresponsive. The screen also looks quite pixelated, like it's been scaled up and not smoothed very much/at all. It's difficult to pull items from the staging area at the bottom because about half the time, it starts a flame trail instead of grabbing the item. Once items start burning, the pieces are surrounded by white bands that make the overall shape a rectangular box. They look like they are supposed to be transparency masks, but they are getting displayed as white instead of transparent. And I have the same issue others have had, where trying to select a custom picture to burn simply ejects you from the game entirely.

I adored the PC version. Looking forward to some of these issues getting fixed so I can incinerate things at work, on the toilet, everywhere!

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I have a similar problem on my ASUS TF701t running Android 4.3 (with the humble bundle version of Little Inferno). When launching the game, I get a black screen. After tapping on the screen, I hear the music, so I assume the game itself works, it's just not displaying anything.

Hitting the back button shows the "Do you really want to quit" dialog.

Any idea on how to solve the problem?

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I wish I could help, but the moderators here (and pretty much anyone else) are away. I know one mod who was on vacation, and I think he will come back soon. Hang tight!

Edit: On a different note, why do I keep activating the spam filter?

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Same device (tf701) and exactly the same problem... !