Little Inferno Full Combo Walkthrough

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Little Inferno Full Combo Walkthrough

Hello everyone! I began making a walkthrough of all combos of Little Inferno! Within the next few days, all combos/videos will be completed.

I'm not commentating during the videos cause, well I believe some music and textual instructions are better when it comes to this.

I know that there is a list of all combos within the site but I hope seeing them on video is enjoyable! Here's the first one:

This little game is awesome, big fan of World of Goo as well

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Hi Petard and welcome to the site!
Yeah, its a really good idea of yours. We could even put them in a book page.

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Hey Petard, welcome to the forum! From your avatar I can see that you're very... enthusiastic about Little Inferno.

I'll have a gander at the video later on. Either way nice idea!