Becoming an Indie Game Developer

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Becoming an Indie Game Developer

I have made several attempts of doing this, but I am not being steered into the right direction. How can I become an indie game developer myself? I want to someday legally publish and sell my games, without having to worry about not having copyrights or trademarks. Some please help me. If you are an indie game developer yourself, I ask you to tell me every thing you know about becoming Indie.

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Copyrighting/trademarking stuff is fairly easy; are you concerned about this in particular? This is only one small facet of game design. If you're new to game design, I'd worry a bit more about how you're going to develop games rather than what you're going to do when you're done developing them.

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As Daxar said, actually making a game comes first. I want to become an indie developer eventually myself, but right now I'm focusing on actually making a couple of games, and probably releasing them for free. Once I have that under my belt I can get ready to actually make a profit of it.

Of course, if you've already got that part sorted and do actually want help with the copyright stuff since you're at that stage, I personally can't really help.

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I am selecting for High School Pre AP and AP physics, animation, and AP Computer Science, and am (are? is?) learning HTML and Python so I can be a game developer, and create games as well.