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Mod ideas

Hey guys

We all hope, that modding in Lttle Inferno will be possible on some day but what kind of mods do you want to see? What kind of items for example? What kind of catalogs? I am very excited to read you replies

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The Potential thread already exists, although I guess that since we now know more about modding possibilities a new thread isn't so bad.

I think the items people will come up with will be awesome. Personally I'm not much of an artist so I don't think I'll make many original items myself, but I would like to see some more dolls. I really love how items like the Toy Pirate and Boss Plushie mumble when you pick them up, I don't know why but it's just cool.

As for catalogues, I have an idea for one that I'm sure other people have thought of too: a World of Goo catalogue. The original game already has two WoG-related items, but I think it would be cool to make more like "The Sign Painter's Sign", "Jar of Timebugs", "Beauty Plush", and so forth.

In any case I hope that we can mod before long, the progress so far looks promising!