Community project: send me your combos suggestions

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Community project: send me your combos suggestions

Hello! I'm not sure why, but it's really fascinating and fun to be able to modify the Little Inferno game. I'd like to create another new Combos list, but this time I'm asking this entire community for help. Please send me your combos suggestions. Write the NAME of the combo, and also from TWO to FIVE ITEMS that are required to get the combo. For the items, you can choose from any of the catalog items, any of the special items sent to you in letters. OR, you can include a few items NOT included in the game, and I'll add them in. Such as? you ask. Well, maybe a Disco Ball, or a new Action Doll. Since we don't want any spoilers on this topic, please email me your suggestions to MODEDIT: scottabroughton (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Also, calling all modders, if you have created any addins for new items, share so we can include them in the new combos.

Also in the works... I'm going to try to create a new character, maybe another neighbor, who sends letters (and items). Has anyone tried this yet?