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POP CULTURE combos hints

For anyone playing my Pop Culture combos release, I realize you'd have to be a mind-reader to figure out some of them. The first 7 combos from Catalog 1 are pretty easy, and by trial and error, you can figure them out. So I'll share hints for the combos from Catalog 2 and on. You can also ask here for hints about other combos.

Spoiler warning, obviously.

All the special items sent to you are used in combos. But you'll get a second chance near the end of the game.

Unlucky Charms Combo 3 items...
1. Who is the character on the box of Lucky Charms?
2 and 3. What catalog items resemble the marshmallows? (Not the shooting star, clover, blue moon, rainbox, balloon, or hourglass)

Buddy Combo 2 items...
1. Which Will Ferrell character was named Buddy?
2. Which animal welcomed Buddy to NY?

Selfie Combo 3 items...
1. You'll want to save Sugar Plumps' selfie she gave you for this one.
2. In Catalog 1, where can you burn a picture of yourself?
3. In Catalog 2, which item takes a picture?

Nirvana Combo 3 items, 3 songs...
1. In Bloom
2. Lithium
3. Heart-Shaped Box

Broken Glass Combo 3 items...
1 and 2. Buy some glass items.
3. Which singer (item) shatters glass items?

Naughty List Combo 2 items...
1. Who might make Santa's naughty list for being disgruntled?
2. What would Santa use to spank him?

Ice Age Combo 2 items...
1. What's cold?
2. What animal chases a nut?

Anaconda Combo 2 items...
1. What item might contain snakes?
2. Who starred in the Anaconda movie?

Tori Amos Combo 2 items, 2 songs...
1. China
2. Cornflake Girl

Betelgeuse Combo 2 items... (Anyone remember this movie?)
1. Beetles
2. Juice

Castle Combo 2 items... (the TV series "Castle")
1. What do Castle and Beckett always drink?
2. What item would belong to Nikki Heat?

Sam-I-Am Combo 2 items...
1. Green eggs
2. and ham

Arizona Combo 2 items...
1. What is the capital of Arizona?
2. What is the U of Arizona's mascot?

Michael Jackson Combo 3 items, 3 songs...
1. ABC
2. Smooth Criminal
3. Thriller

Billy Joel Guilty Pleasures Combo 2 items, 2 songs...
1. For the Longest Time
2. We Didn't Start the Fire

Adam Sandler Combo 2 items, 2 movies...
1. What did Al Pacino call Jack as a nickname in "Jack and Jill"?
2. To what 2015 animated movie will Adam Sandler contribute his voice?

Summer Internship Combo 2 items...
1. What item grows in the summer?
2. Who would you work for at an internship?

Humpty Dumpty Combo 2 items...
1. Build a brick wall...
2. What egg-born friend does Sugar Plumps send you?

100 Acre Woods Combo 2 items...
1. Which item resembles Winnie the Pooh?
2. Which item resembles Rabbit?
3. Which item resembles Christopher Robins?

Litter Box Combo 2 items...
1. Which item makes a mess in the litter box?
2. Which item deoderizes the smell?

The Brave Little Combo 3 items...
1. Toaster
2. Clock
3. Lamp

Hug Me Combo 3 items...
1. What plushie likes hugs?
2. What soap gives your dishes a hug?
3. What coupon is good for one free hug?

Al Pacino Combo 2 items...
1. Scarecrow
2. What product did Al Pacino endorse in Jack and Jill?

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Kind of spoilery, should we save all special items (photo, heart, eggsack, free hug, etc)? I accidentally burned the photo.

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Accidents happen. You'll need all the special items to make all the combos, but there's a chance you'll get them back later. Just sayin.