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Website Upgrade!

I've just suggested the "About Me" page in last year. Could we have it here?
Also, can we upload mods for the game?

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1. There's not really enough activity here to warrant that, in my opinion.
2. You can upload mods anywhere and post links here in the forum. Seeing as liTools is the only modding tool currently, and mod support is mostly broken, there's no real point to having a mod upload section here.

With mods, the difference between here and goofans is that the site creator, davidc, made GooTool and specified the .goomod addin format in a very specific way (and updated the site accordingly). I personally made liTools with little to no documentation or mod specification at all. General interest in modding Little Inferno fizzled out before I was anywhere close to done with liTools, and I decided to abandon the project. Hence, no mod section on this site, and no real mod support in general.