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Delete posts

I want to delete a post if there is a delete button on my posts, like I made a mistake or if it's done.

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Joined: 11/20/2012 - 04:25

When you edit your post (using the "edit" button near the bottom-right of your post), you should see 3 tabs near the top of the page: "View comment", "Edit" (this will be highlighted), and "Delete". Clicking on the last one should allow you to delete your post.

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I would, however, strongly recommend proofreading everything you type before you hit that "save" button. It takes very little of your time, and allows you to edit your post for clarity before it goes live. Nobody is on the other side of the Internet earnestly waiting for you to finish typing your comment so they can respond immediately, so take your time when composing. This is a forum, not a webchat. ;)

(Example: I took a couple of minutes to compose this, even though I can type extremely fast)