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To the mods

The spam problem has been largely dealt with (>500,000 messages deleted). Apologies for this, if only I'd been more aware of the scale of the problem it would have been dealt with sooner (and I wouldn't have had to spend three days cleaning up).

Mollom is installed and is currently rejecting >50,000 spams per day. If anything gets through, the best recourse is:

- Click the user to visit their user page
- Click edit
- Down the bottom, click Cancel Account
- Choose to "Delete the account and its content"
- Choose to report as "Spam, unsolicited advertising" - this will improve Mollom's moderation
- Cancel account

This marks the whole user and all content that they have posted as spam, which will hopefully improve future automatic moderation. I have been doing this for a few days and it appears to be effective - hopefully effective enough in the long term to not have to resort to more drastic measures.


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Thanks for going through all of those spam messages and deleting them, David!

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\o/ Very good news - thank you!

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Whoa, when did this happen?

It's been a while since I visited the Little Inferno forum, but I'm glad to see the spam has finally been dealt and we have a way to deal with any of the future ones too. Thanks davidc

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yay its finally gone
yay Thank you David
yay everything
yay i dont know what to say any more

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I'm surprised that your database still didn't explode with >500,000 spam messages. Good database! : P

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Some are getting past the filter, but it is mostly caught.

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Ah, cool. Looks like I can frequent this site again without getting overwhelmed. Thanks, davidc!