YouTube, Little Inferno and monetization...

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YouTube, Little Inferno and monetization...

Does anyone know if Tomorrow Corporation allow videos of Little Inferno on YouTube to be monetized and if so, does anyone know where a copy of the terms and conditions are that state so?


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i am also i youtuber wanting to make videos of this game how do we get permission?

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Yogscast made a youtube video about it.

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@kirdneh: I think they're referring to monetizing the videos, which is an entirely different ball game altogether.

@GamingMill: I don't think they've specifically said anyplace whether or not they allow monetization. I do know that they're ok with videos being uploaded, since I asked permission for my own LP of the game. I'd say wait a few days to see if anyone from Tomorrow Corporation answers here, and if not, shoot them an email at contact at tomorrowcorporation dot com.

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contact at tomorrowcorporation dot com +1