For staff of Tomorrow Corp.- PHENOMENAL

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For staff of Tomorrow Corp.- PHENOMENAL

I tried to send email but the page didnt work...

This experience is amazing, i wont call it a game because its really not, and its not fully art because you control it. It was AMAZING, I never ever leave comments about things. The physics are excellent, the soundtrack is utterly amazing (one of the best in any game), the graphics are excellent, the overall package is one of the greatest works Ive had the opportunity to enjoy. Ill go back and play again, in lieu of chasing the feeling of experiencing it for the first time, yet it wont happen. Little Inferno was simply magical. A novel simple idea, drawn together with peoples visions of greatness and you end up with THE best Indie game, period. FANTASTIC! Ive tried to explain it to people and they say yeah so you burn things, whats the point, like you guys stated there is no score theres no timer its just that fireplace. If you can give Little Inferno the chance to warm your hearts, it will fill you with fiery love for Tomorrow Corporation.

Over the Smoke Stacks, Over the City! Goodnight!

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I would like to say that the artwork, design, story, and original soundtrack are the best i ever played. I liked the story, very much indeed. great job.

Now i will disappear into oblivion.

Just to thank's the extraordinary experience it was to play this outstanding and yet so simple game.