ur game sucks

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ur game sucks

wtf is this ****? i burn **** and get gold coins. i cant wait for the DLC!

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Hey, you don't need to use those words to say that you don't like the game. Pay attention on what words are you using. Meanwhile, we are trying to mod the game, so stay tuned.
I reccomend you to delete those ugly words. Use the EDIT button.

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If you don't like the game, posting here with that sort of language isn't going to make it any better. Don't go trolling just because a game doesn't make sense or isn't fun for you. I'm not saying you should like the game, different people like different things, but barging into a fan forum and saying a game sucks is pointless, annoying, and pretty much defining you as a jerk. Don't be surprised if you get banned.

As for DLC, I have no idea why you'd want it if you don't like the game. We haven't heard about any official DLC yet, but we're currently underway with being able to mod the game, which is essentially making fan-made DLC.
Either way I can assure you that the gameplay would be the same, the most commonly modded things will probably be items and story, and other aesthetics.

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Seriously, guys, don't feed the trolls. All they want is for people to get mad at them when they post stupid stuff like that. You're just giving them what they want. Just ignore them and I'll block them, like I did for this guy.