Sending Free Hug to Sugar-Plumps?

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Sending Free Hug to Sugar-Plumps?

I just made this forum account; I was looking for this easter egg on the interwebs and couldn't find anything on it.

I'm relatively new to to the game, but I was progressing through the story, and kept the free hug token from Miss Nancy when she sent it. I carried on, and when Sugar Plumps asked me for an exterminator (I think) it gave me the option to send it to her. I did so, and she wrote back saying something along the lines of, "Errr thanks, but could you send me an exteminator please?" I haven't noticed any change in the storyline of the game so far.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does it mean/do anything? Btw I'm playing on IOS.

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If you send something wrong to Sugar Plumps, it won't do anything to the plot.
Sugar Plumps always responds in this fashion if you send her something wrong.