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TODO list

Hey guys!
okay I'm going to list what we need to do next! ( probably )

1) We need to make an appropriate page/topic about the " LI tools " how to.
Because the stuff in the original topic were confusing and cluttered with comments
and its hard to know what to do ( plus i cant get your mod working! Beta ninja!)

2) We need to ask Allan and DavidC about this! (if necessary)
About the modding items and maybe ask to make a mod page like in goofans!
when there is more mod that is.

3) Tutorials!!!!

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1) Yeah, I haven't documented them at all really, cause everything was all a work in progress (and still is), and it may change at any time. But seeing as there's interest and I haven't worked on it for a while, some documentation is a good idea. There's already a lot of info in the README, so check that.

If you have any trouble getting the mod to work, speak up and I'll help as best as I can. The mod itself is fine, so if you're having trouble with the tools, I can try to help out.

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Hey 23boy. I want you to be able to use my mod, or any others, so try to follow closely the instructions. Download Daxar's liTools 0.3.7 and read the README.txt. I can't explain it better than him, and it's not my program. If you follow that, you'll have resources and executables inside the liTools folder. As explained in this README, you'll have copied the Little Inferno.exe from your programs folder to the liTools folder, and that's the one you'll run to play any mods.

I assume you've already downloaded my new combos, so make sure the popculturecombos.pak file is in the liTools folder, too. Then drag it to modManage.exe, and you should have modded your game.

Your problem might be that you're opening the original Little Inferno executable. For example, if you open it from the Start menu. This won't open the game with the mod. Rather, open the Little Inferno.exe from inside the liTools folder, and you should be playing a modded game. Let us know if it still doesn't work.

Daxar, if you have time and think it's worth it, it would be nice to have a little program like gootools, where you just download the mod into a folder, then with the program select which addin you want running. But I don't know how much work that is, and for me, it's just as easy modding the game with modManage.exe. (Your README and other advice here have been very helpful.)

23boy, I agree with your To-do list, and I have some of my own. You can always ask questions here, and someone will try to respond. I agree that reading through comment filled topics is a little hard to follow, so I'll try to put a tutorial together about editing the combos, the letters, and the items. (I'm still learning too, and I'm sure Daxar knows 100 times more about editing than I do.) Please read through the other topic I started, the semi-tutorial about editing combos, and let me know what you don't understand. Believe me, trying to explain in a few paragraphs what took me days of experimenting and learning isn't easy, but I hope to explain clearly.

The other thought I have is if many other people are even interested in addins for their Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace. Personally, I'm interested in modding for the play-factor and the challenge of creating something new (or hi-jacking the game). And I hope others want to play addins, and even create their own. On a replayable scale, the original Little Inferno scores pretty low, but we can keep it fresh if people are interested. The game could be epic if we could easily add new combos lists, letters, and items. As for now, it's pretty complicated, which is probably why not many are doing it.

But just to reiterate, it IS possible to do a lot of modding already. Soon I'll be sharing some new items to mod your LI, such as the One Ring and a Whoopee cushion.

Daxar, is it possible yet to edit sound files for the items? Such as changing the sound when you grab or burn an item. I know in your README you said it's not possible, but maybe you've been trying some things?

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23boy, a lot has already been explained in these forums, and in the liTools README. But like you said, there are a lot of comments to read through, too. What do you suggest should be the priority for tutorials? What don't you understand? What do you want to be able to do?