Help Wanted: Combo Hints

In the rush to get the site presentable for launch day, we didn't have time to write hints for all the combos. The final solutions are all there, but the idea is that you should see a sequence of gradually more informative hints before you get hit in the face with the answer, to help preserve some of the challenge.

Have you played the game? Can you write intelligible English? We need help writing hints for the 97 remaining combos. Each hint should gradually build on the one before - each hint making you think about the solution in a new way, or helping solidify your understanding of the concept behind the combo. I think somewhere between four and ten hints per combo is a good target, depending on its difficulty. For an example, see the hints for the Cold War COMBO.

If you can help, please send your hints along to me by e-mail (not in the forum - there will be people who haven't solved every combo).

Likewise, if you have any fun facts about the items, or trivia about their names or descriptions, send those along too!




I'm working on them as I have time. Feel free to edit my hints to pieces; I'm not terribly great at this. <img src="/sites/all/modules/smiley/packs/kolobok/wink.gif" alt="smiley"/>

With the "Edit" tab.
I was talking to davidc, specifically. If you have any combo hint suggestions, email him with them and we'll put them up.