User created content for Wii U! :D

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User created content for Wii U! :D

"We're considering how we can make Little Inferno more ‘moddable’ by the community, so players can create their own additions and storylines. Beyond that, we're not sure what's next, but we hear there’s a clear horizon out there, and we're excited to explore."

Nintendo has always been extremely supportive of us. Thanks to their help we managed to get Little Inferno out as a launch title.
Thats really cool that the devs are looking into user-created content.

You can check out the full interview with Kyle Gabler here:
But what do you guys think?

This is a great idea! This game is epic!

Here are some fans responses! (Nintendolife)

"Fans Give Back"

BenAV-Please yes.
I love this game and if done well it'd be an awesome addition.

WaxxyOne-I've been wanting more content for this game ever since I completed it. User-made content that could be shared and downloaded is a great idea.

Lobster-That would be amazing. Yes, please!

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Ahh, so that's why Allan's been so eager to help out with modding efforts.

Kudos then, TC! You guys are the best. :)

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Sweet! I can't wait!

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Maybe a sort of system called FIRE-TM (Fire Is Really Easy To Mod) or LILE (Little Inferno Level Editor) or something of the likes in which you create an item, create the geometry like in WOGGLE, set attributes to it (how easily it catches fire, how long it burns, special effects, etc.) then upload it! You can download other people's creations, save and load up little inferno, and boom! All new items to burn!

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We're working on the modding scene, kirdneh, never fear. There's just a lot of file formats we don't know yet, and we're waiting on Allan to explain them all. After that we'll be able to see what kinds of changes to items we can make.

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