Mom & Dad Bots

Contains one Mom Bot and one Dad Bot, just like nature intended!
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"Just like nature intended"
Sounds like a slur against same sex parents

hopefully they wont get in dramatic situations. If they do it will be messy.
P:S This is my second favorite thing to play with. If anyone is wondering whats the first it is the tranhumanist action figure, Because i pretend they are a family and i do funny and dramatic plays. One time i pretend the transhumanist had a problem and it made him swear all the time and the mom and dad bot are arguing because they can't afford a cure for the transhuman figure and the mom told the dad if he boxed he would be somebody, but the dad said a guy stole his lucky boxing glove. Finally the transhumanist told the mom and dad bot to stop arguing and ends up swearing for almost everything he says.