They've been falling for as long as anyone can remember.
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There is an easter egg about those Tetronimos. Build a line like in tetris and watch what's happening. <img src="/sites/all/modules/smiley/packs/kolobok/wink.gif" alt="smiley"/>

That's like the first thing I tried even before burning them!
Nice thing to have a game in a game in a game...

Except it kills the full blocks, not just the line.

can any one upload a picture about the Easter egg?

oh by the way its should be posted in the Easter egg page...

If you haven't already, try setting up a super Tetris. You have to leave a gap 4 squares high, then drop the straight line down, and four lines of entire blocks disappear. Don't know how to capture the video myself to post it.

yea, i know what you mean