Goo Ball Pack

The Goo Balls seemed to remember another world. A world of goo! But it was a very long time ago...
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"The last of the goo balls were thrown into the Little Inferno and burned"
But, it would've made more sense if the red gooballs were there. They're the flammable ones, after all.

Sometimes, when he rose high enough above the clouds, the weather reporter would set up his telescope. Peering through, he would adjust the antiquated telescope passed down the generations to a specific world; a world of goo. Long ago, these gooballs populated his world, creating magnificent structures across the goo-filled plains. Then came the years of the factories, extracting all the goos from every crevice of the world. Eventually, the goos left by their own means. The remaibs of The World of Goo Corporation, under new management, became the Tomorrow Corporation. Whenever the weather reporter would gaze at the far away world of goo, he would wish his balloon would take him far away from his planet, away from the smog, the fires, and the strange, old, faded wooden signs he found in trees, underwater, and other strange places in areas deserted for miles. Then he would sigh, put away his telescope, and prepare to petend to be cheery for his next brodcast of doom to come.

Probably the best item to put in your chimney! If only they could attach to each other, like they do in their own game...